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Lil Julez - Flying Penguins

I had a chance of producing the visuals for Lil Julez’ debut album opening song Flying Penguins. It was a creativity-fiesta brewing up the concept with a wholesome team and a pleasure to move it from drafts to reality. Excuse the pun: that project gave me wings, for being involved in every step.


Concept: Patrick Vanek, Karl Schauer Dejo, Leo Lippitsch, Lil Julez
Director: Karl Schauer Dejo, Leo Lippitsch
Camera: Karl Schauer Dejo
Postproduction: Karl Schauer Dejo
Lighting design: Franziska Hinteregger
Grading: Fabian Jagoutz
Actors: Elav, Emilio Mendez Gomez, Maximilian Schey, Darius Lupu, Louisa Hofmann, Lena Diana, Lil Julez
Special thanks: Tiago Liko, Kaiserschnittfilm, Alexander Haiden,
Patricks Grandmother


VFX work for NEON NEETs moody musicvideo for REDEFINE
directed by Bernhard Schießl. I worked on the scenes where the Bandmembers Dorian & Phillip visually transform, acting as an allegory of the songs title. It was a cool workflow of playing off of Bernis ideas and polishing the look together.


Idea & Directed by Bernhard Schießl \\ Producer: Yannick Stross \\ DOP: Jakob Neuhauser Starring: Katharina Rose Philipp Laabmayr Julia Mach Neon Neet 1st AD / Vibes: Christoffer Borggren \\ 1st AC: Thomas Brunner \\ Gaffer: Nick Seidlberger Beleuchter: Ahmed Issa, Stefan Ecker \\ Styling: Theresa Staindl \\ Hair & Make-Up: Valerie Buchegger \\ PA: Dorian Windegger, Philipp Köll \\ Catering: Granny Stross, Philipp Köll, Dorian Windegger \\ Edit: Gregor Lehrl \\ VFX & Compositing: Karl Schauer Dejo \\ VFX Ball: Daniel Poschinger \\ Grading: Emil Scheichenbauer \\ Special Thanks: Kaiserschnitt Film Wuger Brands in Motion Zementwerk Leube GmbH Martin Rehrl Metallart Dreikant Designmöbel Stefan Traub Elias Wimmer Ing. Josef Lindner Pfeifenfabrik Kemperling


Younes Zarou

I’ve been working on a broad collection of different videos for german Tiktok Creator/certified magician Younes Zarou. Whenever he pitches me an idea, it never gets stale, since nearly each Video has a different thought out approach to take in terms of content and technicality.


Vienna-based event collective Lituation pitched me an idea to promote the first happening of their Afro Rave event series with a digital banner in the aesthetics of Afrofuturism. Collaging it from scratch and making every detail come to live with a psychedelic feel to it made this one of my favs to work on.

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